21400098_sWhoo...summer is finally here! However, in the midst of barbeques and beach days, there's one question weighing on your mind as you soak up the sun and sip in the summer breeze:

How will you generate enough leads and close enough sales to meet your revenue goals? 

Summer, it turns out, is a really good time to get serious about building an inbound startup. If you are an early stage startup looking to gain clarity around your marketing goals and strategy, this 12-week virtual summer camp is for you. This FREE program features a weekly lesson delivered via email, including homework that will help you become a lean, mean, lead generation machine!

Sign up now - the program will kick-off on Thursday, July 2, 2015.

Here's the curriculum: 

Week 1: Startup Marketing 101: The Building Blocks for Success

Week 2: The Rookie Marketing Mistakes All Startups Make

Week 3: If You Know Nothing Else, Know This: Your Buyer is Everything

Week 4: Building it Doesn't Mean They Will Come: Getting Beyond the Product

Week 5: Full-time or Contractor: How to Hire Marketing Talent

Week 6: How to Create a Marketing Strategy your Investors Will Love

Week 7: Contentplations: How to Show Your Technical Chops Without Getting Lost in the Translation 

Week 8: How Content Leads to Buyer Action

Week 9: Marketing Beyond Your Buyer: Investors, Employees, Prospective Talent

Week 10: Leads are Great, but Customers are Better: How to Ignite the Pipeline

Week 11: How Inbound Startups Fail (Sales and Marketing Alignment)

Week 12: Marketing Geek: Exploring Marketing Automation & Technology

Don't miss this AMAZING opportunity to gain knowlege that will help you streamline your marketing efforts and grow your startup!